To Academise, or not to Academise?

To Academise, or not to Academise?

by Charlie

Academisation is when a school gets money straight from the government which can give them more power over themselves and gives them more freedom so they can spend money how they want to spend it.

Recently, Turton School decided to become an academy due to a vote made by the governors.

A governor involved in the decision was Turton High School’s very own head teacher, Miss Gorse, who said that there are lots of pros and cons to the situation. You can watch the full interview with Miss Gorse at

In a survey of 15 people, 11 people said they knew the difference between a local authority school and an academy. The other 4 people didn’t know the difference, which may highlight the fact that it is a new concept for a lot of people.

Whether the plan to change will work or fail we don’t know, as the school won’t become an academy until 2 years in the future. So, all we can do now is wait.