Science Homework #16: Year 11

Science Homework #16:  Year 11


Homework    Topic:
Question 1 Give two other clues found in sedimentary rock which hint at the conditins under which the rock was formed. C3
Question 2 What do the materials cotton, paper, and silk all have in common? C2
Question 3 Give one source of microwaves other than ovens. P2
Question 4 A person with one recessive faulty allele can pass that allele onto their children but won't show any symptoms themselves. They are known as a __________ of the disease. B1
Question 5 How fast is the speed of light through a vacuum (in km/s)? P1
Question 6 As the size of hydrocarbons increase the force between the molecules…(increases/stays the same/ decreases). Delete the wrong ones? C2
Question 7 Selective breeding and natural selection are similar. Why is the selective breeding more dangerous for the organism? B3
Question 8 Which useful chemical can the acidic gas, hydrogen chloride be converted to by oxidation? C3