Turton Inventors Win at TeenTech 2016

Turton Inventors Win at TeenTech 2016

TeenTech is an award winning event run at Manchester University on Wednesday 27th April, where pupils from 30 schools across the North West try their hand at experiments, using cutting edge technology and even invent new technologies to make life better, simpler, safer or more fun. A group of ten Year 9 pupils from Turton designed a Wi-Fi wristband, enabling the wearer to have a constant wi-fi connection, winning them the Best Gadget prize for their invention. They also took part in engineering tasks with Alstom transport and robot challenges with the National Grid.

The pupils in the team were:  Ethan Cummins (9T3), Lexi Collins-Kelly (9T1), Sophie Day (9S1), Fern Deane (9T2), Jon Graham (9T1), Zoe Hynes (9S1), Alexandra McAleer (9S4), Jess Moore (9S1), Saffron Nelson (9T1), Emily Wadsworth (9T2).






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