Sixth Form Learning Walk

5th November, 2014

Sixth Form Learning Walk

On 5 November I undertook a learning walk with the Director of 6th Form Pete Tiltman. I was shown around 5 classes incorporating English, Biology, Graphics, Computer Studies and Chemistry lessons. In Biology it was interesting to note the differentiation in teaching; ensuring high ability pupils were fully stretched.

In both the Chemistry and Biology lessons I had the opportunity to view students work books, in both instances the marking was up to date with evidence of clear feedback from teachers. It was not scheduled for me to examine books so it was very pleasing that this spot check showed marking was up to date.

As ever when I visit school, it was a pleasure to walk around and the children are clearly happily settled and well behaved. In each lesson teacher’s enthusiasm for their subject clearly showed.

Mr Tiltman told me that levels of literacy are still a concern amongst some students. To help resolve this issue various literacy interventions are in place, which will hopefully improve the results for those students, for whom this is an issue.

Last year Mr Tiltman introduced a stricter, daily registration than had previously existed. This has proved a huge success. Amongst other things it helps to keep a tab on mid ability students and encourage their learning.

Mr Tilltman’s passion and professionalism for his job is self evident, I’m confident the 6th Form will go from strength to strength under his leadership.