1. Event on school calendar?

(if no please inform Bev Philbin)
Yes No

2. Have staff been informed at briefing?

Yes No

3. Method to inform parent’s:

4. Publicity required

(via newsletter/website/BN)?
Yes No

5. Inform Joanne Shaw to invite Governors?

Yes No

6. Refreshments required?

(If yes please discuss with Bev Philbin)
Yes No

7. Do you require an evaluation for this event?

(If yes please discuss with Bev Philbin)
Yes No

Room Details

1. Rooms Required

(Cleaning is required in the following rooms)

The Arts Theatre needs to be booked with Catherine Feehan. If you are using the following rooms during the school day please make sure you have made arrangements with the member of staff in charge of these areas:

Arts Theatre - Jo Parr
Library - Judith Sprawling
Sports Hall, Gym - Liam Carr
Study Area, C1 - Sixth Form Office

2. Room Layout

(Please attach a plan to Andy Morris if necessary)

3. Do you require external lighting between the two buildings?

Yes No

4. Do you require a boiler being set up?

Yes No


Technical Support

1. Do you require technical assistance at the time of the event?

Yes No

2. Please write details of support needed:


1. Do you require prefects for your event?

Yes No

2. How many do you require?

3. What time are they needed?