Turton School Uniform Regulations (All Year Round)

(September 2022)


Items that have a logo can be purchased from various local uniform suppliers. All other items are generic and can be purchased from any retailer.





  • Black plain tailored school trousers (no black denim) or navy blue pleated skirt with school badge on. (Required)


  • Navy blue v-neck pullover with Turton logo (Optional)


  • White shirt with collar suitable for wearing with a tie (Required)


  • Special tie for each year group available from school. Black tie for prefects (Required)


  • Navy blue blazer with badge (Required)


  • Plain outdoor coat (Required)


  • Black/white socks or plain opaque black/natural tights (Required)


  • Appropriate plain black shoes – no white soles, marks or emblems (Required)


  • Suitable school bag (Required)



Shirts must be tucked in at all times.


Outdoor coats should be of a plain colour and suitable for adverse weather conditions; denim and sweatshirt fabric is not acceptable.


We also advocate that students do not bring expensive items into school because of the upset caused if these are lost or damaged.


Mobile phones must be used appropriately and may be confiscated if necessary. The school blazer must be worn by all students, boys and girls, in years 7-11.


We appreciate the support of all parents in ensuring that students come to school looking smart and dressed appropriately. In particular would you please note that:


  • Coloured hair is not permitted – natural hair colours only


  • No visible body piercings


  • Years 10-11 are allowed to wear discreet make-up as an upper school privilege


  • Nail varnish should not be worn at all


  • Trainers, hoodies, hats and baseball caps are not part of the uniform and must not be worn to school



Each student should accept responsibility for their own personal possessions and equipment whilst on the school site.


It is not sensible to bring valuable items into school. If this is unavoidable, it is strongly recommended that the item is locked away by an appropriate member of staff.


Our aim, as always, is to ensure that students and their possessions remain safe and secure.


Thank you for

your co-operation


Kit & Equipment Policy: 2022/2023


Boys’ PE Kit – Compulsory Girls’ PE Kit – Compulsory
Navy Blue Turton Reversible Rugby Shirt Navy Blue ¼ Zip Top
Blue Turton Polo Shirt Blue Turton Polo Shirt
Navy Blue Turton Shorts Navy Blue Turton Shorts or Track Bottoms
Navy Blue Football Socks Navy Blue Football Socks
Trainers Trainers
Football Boots Towel
Towel Plain Swimming Costume (any colour)
Plain Swimming shorts (any colour)  



Boys’ PE Kit – Non-Compulsory Girls’ PE Kit – Non-Compulsory
Navy Blue ¼ Zip Top Navy Blue Turton Track Bottoms
Navy Blue Football Tights Navy Blue Base layer
Navy Blue Base layer Turton School P.E. Leggings (Alternative to shorts.  KS4 Girls only)
Navy Blue Turton Track Bottoms  



PE kit is available from a range of sources.


If you do require any further information please do not hesitate to contact the PE Department in school.


Kind regards


Liam Carr

Head of Physical Education