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Staff List (2021/22)

APPENDIX 3 STAFF LIST 2021-22             
Ms S GorseBSc (Manchester), PGCE (Lancaster)
Mrs C E BachBSc, PGCE (Leicester)
Ms C BailyBA (University of Wales), PGCE (University of London)
Mrs J L EdgeBA, PGCE (St Martins)
Miss A LaneBA, PGCE (Leeds)
Miss K LeonardBSc, PGCE (Liverpool)
Miss N R ParryBA with QTS (Leeds)
Mr P TiltmanBA (Cambridge), GRTP (MMU)
Mr J N BachSENDCo (Also Science)BSc, PGCE (Leicester)
Mrs J ParrDirector of School Direct (Also Drama)BA (Edge Hill), PGCE (Manchester)
Pastoral Leader Year 7Mr M Sykes (Also Science)BSc, QTS (Edge Hill)
Pastoral Leader Year 8Miss J Brown (Also PE)BA (Durham), PGCE (Cumbria)
Pastoral Leader Year 9Mrs L Smith (Also English)BA (Leeds), PGCE (MMU)
Pastoral Leader Year 10Mrs R Wright (Also PE/English)BEd, (Bedford)
Pastoral Leader Year 11Mr D McElroy (Also PE)BA (Staffordshire), PGCE (MMU)
Assistant Pastoral Leader KS3Miss A Helmn (Also Drama)BA (University of Manchester), PGCE (MMU)
Assistant Pastoral Leader KS4Miss B Allcock (Also Faith & Ethics and History)BA (Bangor), PGCE (LJMU/School Direct)
SENDCoJason Bach (Also Science and Associate Assistant Head Teacher)BA, PGCE (MMU)
Miss K E BaliDirector of Sixth Form (Also History and Head of Govt & Politics)BA (Hull), PGCE (Nottingham)
Mr P KollerDeputy Director of Sixth Form (Also History)BA (Manchester), PGCE (Edge Hill)
Mr C McGowanPastoral Leader (Also Business Studies & Economics)BA (Leeds Metropolitan University), PGCE (Manchester)
Mrs L LanePastoral Leader (Also History)BA (Manchester), GRTP (Lancashire)
Mrs A TemsHead of DepartmentBA (London Guildhall), PGCE (London)
Ms G L SaberySecond in DepartmentBA (Liverpool), ATC (Brighton)
Mr D M Dacosta OliveiraHead of GraphicsBA, PGCE (MMU)
Miss E BostonTeacher of Art & Design (Also Design & Technology)BA (MMU), PGCE (MMU)
Mr A CromptonTeacher of Art/GraphicsBA (Wolverhampton), PGCE (MMU)
Mrs J KearnsTeacher of ArtBA, PGCE (Central Lancs)
Mr M BarrowHead of Business Studies & EconomicsBA (Huddersfield), PGCE (Huddersfield)
Mr C McGowanTeacher of Business (Also Pastoral Leader)BA (Leeds Metropolitan University), PGCE (Manchester)
Mrs A BlakeleyTeacher of Business Studies (Also KS3 Strategy Co-ordinator)BA, GRTP (University of Manchester)
Mr M RifaiHead of DepartmentBSc (UCLAN ), PGCE (Cumbria)
Miss E DavisonTeacher of Computing (Also ICT & Professional Development Lead)BL (Leeds), PGCE (Edge Hill)
Mr K GilkesTeacher of Computing and ICTBSc (Bolton Institute of Higher Education), PGCE (Lancaster)
Miss J PascoeTeacher of Computing (Also Maths)BEd (Sheffield City Polytechnic)
Mrs L AtkinsonHead of DanceBA, PGCE (Liverpool John Moores)
Mrs R O ClareHead of Resistant MaterialsBA, PGCE (Liverpool John Moores)
Mrs C DowerHead of FoodBA (De Montfort, Leicester), PGCE (MMU)
Miss E BostonTeacher of Design & Technology (Also Art and Design)BA (MMU), PGCE (MMU)
Miss F PatelTeacher of Health & Social Care (Also Social Sciences)BSc (MMU), PGCE (Liverpool Hope/School Direct)
Mrs S ParkerTeacher of Design & Technology (Also Art and Design)BA (Liverpool John Moores), PGCE (Edge Hill)
Mrs R ReynoldsTeacher of Design & Technology (Food) (Also Head of Health & Social Care)BA, PGCE (Liverpool John Moores)
Ms J BimpsonHead of DepartmentBA , PGCE (Liverpool)
Miss A HelmnTeacher of Drama (Also Assistant Pastoral Leader KS3)BA (University of Manchester), PGCE (MMU)
Miss J O'BryanTeacher of Drama (Also English)BA (Cumbria), PGCE (LJMU/School Direct)
Mrs J ParrTeacher of Drama (Also Director of School Direct)BA (Edge Hill), PGCE (Manchester)
Mrs N TravisHead of DepartmentBA (UCLan), PGCE (Cumbria)
Ms C BailyTeacher of English (Also Deputy Head)BA (University of Wales), PGCE (University of London)
Mr R BaliTeacher of EnglishBA (Salford), PGCE (Edge Hill)
Miss H BanksTeacher of English (Also Co-ordinator for EPQ/HPQ)BA (Bolton), PGCE (Manchester)
Ms K Bradley-LawTeacher of EnglishBA (Belfast), PGCE (Manchester)
Miss C BrindleTeacher of English (Also Additional Needs Testing Co-ordinator)BA, PGCE (MMU)
Ms S CoxTeacher of English (Also KS3 Student Achievement Lead)BA (Bolton), PGCE (LJMU/School Direct)
Mrs F GraingerTeacher of EnglishBA (University of Manchester), PGCE (University of Manchester)
Mr D JohnsonTeacher of English (Also KS5 Co-ordinator)BA (Open University), PGCE (MMU)
Mrs A LaneTeacher of English (Also Assistant Head Teacher)BA (Leeds), BA (Open University), PGCE (Lancaster)
Mrs S MatthewsTeacher of EnglishBEd (Banglore University), QTS (MMU)
Ms L E Murphy-HughesTeacher of English (Also KS3 Co-ordinator)BA (Leicester), PGCE (University of Manchester)
Miss J O'BryanTeacher of English (Also Drama)BA (Cumbria), PGCE (LJMU/School Direct)
Mrs R ScottTeacher of English (Also Media and Professional Mentor - Teaching Development (SD)BSc (UCLan), PGCE (LJMU/School Direct)
Miss L SmithTeacher of English (Also Pastoral Leader)BA (Leeds), PGCE (MMU)
Miss A TabnerTeacher of English (Also Media & Media Co-ordinator)BA, QTS (Edge Hill)
Mrs I TaylorTeacher of English (Also Librarian)BA (UCLAN), PGCE (Edge Hill)
Mrs R WrightTeacher of English (Also PE and Pastoral Leader)BEd, (Bedford)
Mr C SearleHead of Department - Geography (Also D of E Co-ordinator)BSc, PGCE (MMU)
Miss M BithellTeacher of GeographyBSc (Leeds), PGCE (LJMU/School Direct)
Mr R FoyTeacher of Geography (Also Lead Teacher in charge of Key Groups & Careers Guidance)BA (Staffordshire), PGCE (MMU)
Mr T GilroyTeacher of Geography (Also PE)BSc (Leeds Beckett), PGCE (LJMU/School Direct)
Mr D HierTeacher of Geography (Also KS4/5 Strategy Co-ordinator)BSc (Salford), PGCE (MMU)
Mr J RileyTeacher of GeographyBSc (Lancaster), PGCE (Edge Hill)
Miss C SmithTeacher of Geography & HistoryBSc (Aberdeen), PGCE (MMU)
Mr S TitherHead of Department - HistoryBA, MA (Lancaster), PGCE (Cumbria)
Mrs C EcclesSecond in Department - HistoryBA (Cardiff), PCE (Southampton)
Mrs K E BaliTeacher of History (Also Head of Government & Politics and Director of Sixth Form)BA (Hull), PGCE (Nottingham)
Miss B AllcockTeacher of History (Also Faith & Ethics and Assistant Pastoral Leader KS4)BA (Bangor), PGCE (LJMU/School Direct)
Miss L BarlowTeacher of History (Also Pastoral Leader)BA (Manchester), GRTP (Lancashire)
Mr T GroganTeacher of History (Also Faith & Ethics and KS3 Curriculum Lead)BA (Open University), PGCE (LJMU)
Miss A HealyTeacher of HistoryBA (MMU), PGCE (MMU)
Mr P KollerTeacher of History (Also Deputy Director of Sixth Form)BA (Manchester), PGCE (Edge Hill)
Miss L B MurphyTeacher of History (Also Faith & Ethics and Professional Mentor (SD))BSc (Manchester), PGCE (LJMU)
Miss A RiceTeacher of HistoryBA (Salford), PGCE (LJMU/School Direct)
Mr R GreenhalghHead of Department - Faith & EthicsBA (MMU), PCE (Liverpool Hope)
Mrs C E RowbottomSecond in Department - Faith & EthicsBA, PGCE (Leeds)
Miss B AllcockTeacher of Faith & Ethics (Also History and Assistant Pastoral Leader KS4)BA (Bangor), PGCE (LJMU/School Direct)
Mrs E BaileyTeacher of Faith & EthicsBA (Bolton), PGCE (Edge Hill)
Mrs J L EdgeTeacher of Faith & Ethics (Also Assistant Head Teacher)BA, PGCE (St Martins)
Mr T GroganTeacher of Faith & Ethics (Also History and KS3 Curriculum Lead)BA (Open University), PGCE (LJMU)
Miss L B MurphyTeacher of Faith & Ethics (Also History & Professional Mentor (SD))BSc (Manchester), PGCE (LJMU)
Mrs S MansellHead of DepartmentBA (Hull), PGCE (Leeds)
Miss S WalkerSecond in DepartmentBA (Liverpool John Moores), PGCE (Liverpool Hope)
Ms G AspinallTeacher of Languages & CultureBA (Leeds), PGCE (Leeds Trinity)
Mr A DuttaTeacher of Languages & Culture (Also Early Career Framework Induction Tutor)BA (Salford), SCITT (Buile Hill)
Miss B KeeganTeacher of Languages & CultureBA (Liverpool), MA (Manchester)
Miss E KiplingTeacher of Languages & Culture (Also Psychology)BA (Manchester), BSc (Open University), PGCE (MMU)
Mrs E LanoëTeacher of Languages & CultureLicence D’Anglais (Université Paul Valery), PGCE (MMU)
Mr T MaguireTeacher of Languages & CultureBA (Sheffield), SCITT (Sheffield Hallam)
Mrs N Wilson-BaylayTeacher of Languages & CultureBA (Universidad Catolica Andrés Bello), PGCE (Liverpool Hope)
Mr P HowardHead of DepartmentBSc (Bolton), PGCE (Edge Hill)
Ms E JohnsonSecond in DepartmentBEng (Victoria Uni of Manc'r), PGCE (Victoria Uni of Manc'r)
Mrs C A BarchamTeacher of Mathematics (Also Exams Officer)BEd (University of Greenwich)
Mrs A R CordwellTeacher of MathematicsBSc, PGCE (Manchester)
Miss A J JacksonTeacher of Mathematics (Also KS5 Co-ordinator)BSc, PGCE (Leeds)
Mr M A JonesTeacher of MathematicsBSc (Teeside), PGCE (St Martins)
Miss K LeonardTeacher of Mathematics (Also Assistant Head Teacher)BSc, PGCE (Liverpool)
Mr A LittleTeacher of MathematicsBEng (Queens, Belfast), PGCE (LJMU/School Direct)
Mr W Y LiuTeacher of Mathematics (Also KS3 Co-ordinator)BSc (Manchester), PGCE (MMU)
Mr L McMahonTeacher of MathematicsBSc (Edge Hill), PGCE (Liverpool Hope)
Mrs D OrmisherTeacher of MathematicsBL (Cardiff), PGCE ( MMU)
Miss J PascoeTeacher of Mathematics (Also Computing)BEd (Sheffield City Polytechnic)
Mrs C SinclairTeacher of MathematicsBSc (Newcastle), PGCE (York)
Mr C Taylor-KellyTeacher of MathematicsBSc, Msc ( Lancaster), PGCE (Cumbria)
Mrs R ThompsonTeacher of MathematicsBSc, PGCE (Leeds)
Mr P TiltmanTeacher of Mathematics (Also Assistant Head Teacher)BA (Cambridge), GRTP (MMU)
Mr J M ParkinsonHead of DepartmentB.Mus (Hull), MA (York), PGCE (Bretton Hall)
Mrs E Holland-HowarthTeacher of MusicB.Mus (UCE Birmingham), PGCE (Leeds Beckett)
Mr L CarrHead of DepartmentBSc, PGCE (Edge Hill)
Miss J YoungSecond in DeparmentBSc (Loughborough), PGCE (Worcester)
Miss J BrownTeacher of PE (Also Pastoral Leader)BA (Durham), PGCE (Cumbria)
Mr T GilroyTeacher of PE (Also Geography)BSc (Leeds Beckett), PGCE (LJMU/School Direct)
Mr D LeverTeacher of PE (Also Science)BA (Edge Hill), PGCE (MMU/School Direct)
Mr D McElroyTeacher of PE (Also Pastoral Leader)BA (MMU) PGCE (LJM)
Miss N R ParryTeacher of PE (Also Assistant Head Teacher)BA with QTS (Leeds)
Mrs R WrightTeacher of PE (Also English and Pastoral Leader)BEd, (Bedford)
Mr M SmithHead of DepartmentBSc (Leeds), PGCE (Newcastle)
Mrs S KotwalSecond in DepartmentBSc (UCLan), GRTP
Mrs C E BachTeacher of Science (Also Deputy Head Teacher)BSc, PGCE (Leicester)
Mr J N BachTeacher of Science (Also SENDCo and Associate Assistant Head Teacher)BSc, PGCE (Leicester)
Mrs E ClossTeacher of ScienceBSc, PGCE (Manchester)
Mrs F CrawfordTeacher of ScienceBSc (Liverpool), MSc (Manchester),PGCE (LJMU/School Direct)
Mrs R DowningTeacher of Science (Also KS3 Co-ordinator)BSc (Leeds), PGCE (Sheffield Hallam)
Miss V P GrahamTeacher of ScienceBSc with QTS (Edge Hill)
Mr J KaniukaTeacher of Science (with responsibility for Physics)BSc (Salford), PGCE (MMU)
Mrs A KelsallTeacher of Science (Also Scholar's Pathway Co-ordinator)BSc, GRTP (Bolton)
Mrs A J KitsonTeacher of ScienceBSc, PGCE (Manchester)
Mr D LeverTeacher of Science (Also PE)BA (Edge Hill), PGCE (MMU/School Direct)
Dr F Mamedy-JacksonTeacher of ScienceMChem (UMIST), Ph.D (Manchester), GTP (MMU)
Miss K MolyneuxTeacher of ScienceMSci ( Durham), PGCE (Sunderland)
Miss L OuttersideTeacher of ScienceBSc (MMU), PGCE (Lancaster)
Miss S PiercyTeacher of ScienceBSc (Lancaster), PGCE (Manchester)
Miss F RossTeacher of Science (Also KS4 Co-ordinator)BSc (Manchester), PGCE (LJMU/School Direct)
Miss H C RothwellTeacher of ScienceM.Biochem (Oxford), PGCE (MMU)
Mrs S SoylerTeacher of ScienceBSc (University of East Anglia), MBA (Salford), PGCE (MMU)
Mr M SykesTeacher of Science (Also Pastoral Leader)BSc, QTS (Edge Hill)
Miss I WrightHead of Sociology and Psychology with responsibility for EPQMA (St Andrews), PGCE (MMU)
Miss A PaaTeacher of Social SciencesBSc (Bangor), PGCE (UCL)
Miss F PatelTeacher of Social Sciences (Also Health & Social Care)BSc (MMU), PGCE (Liverpool Hope/School Direct)
Mr J BachSENDCo (Also Associate Assistant Head Teacher and Teacher of Science)
Mrs C BrindleAdditional Needs Testing Co-ordinator (Also Teacher of English)
Mrs A DavidsonLearning Support Manager/Assistant SENDCo
Miss S KershawSEND Liasion Lead
Lewis HamlinTeacher/Cover TeacherBSc (Wales), PGCE (LJMU)
Katie LockeTeacher/Cover TeacherBA (Bradford), MA (LJMU), PGCE (MMU/School Direct)
Joe LomaxTeacher/Cover TeacherBSc (Lancaster), PGCE (LJMU/School Direct)
Miss L HathawayBusiness and HR ManagerCIPD Level 5 HR Management
Mrs J ShawHead Teacher's P.A. also Clerk to Governors & Leadership Secretary
Mrs B PhilbinReception Services Supervisor (Also Community/Events)
Mrs W WhippLesson Cover and School Direct Support
Mrs G CurnockHealth Care Assistant
Mrs C FeehanSupervisor Curriculum
Miss Laura MortBusiness and HR Administrator
Ms J HulmePastoral Secretary
Mrs T HiltonAttendance Officer
Mrs S WyreReprographics Manager and School Essentials
Mr S TomlinsonCatering Manager
Mrs A RowsonAssistant Catering Manager
Ms K ColderleySMSA Team Supervisor (Also Front of House Supervisor)
Mr S BuckthorpeIT/Data Manager
Mr R HindleData Manager and Technician
Mr D HaworthExaminations Manager
Lynn NuttallHousekeeping Manager
Mr T KwiatkowskiNetwork Manager
Mrs I TaylorLibrarian (Also Teacher of English)
School Essentials
Mrs S WyreManager, Also Reprographics Manager
Mr A MorrisFacilities Manager
Student Support Centre
Miss C WhiteheadSenior Pastoral Manager
Miss H CrosbyMental Health Practitioner
Mrs K HibbertPastoral Manager (Looked After Children)
Miss D RowlandsPastoral Manager (Child Protection)
Mrs D ThompsonPastoral Manager (Child Protection )
Miss S TaylorPastoral Mentor
Mr S LukCurriculum Technician (Design Technology)
Technicians - Science
Miss F MartinSenior Science Technician
Mr J PhowTechnician
Turton Sports Centre
Mr D OverendCommunity Manager
GovernorRepresentative statusDate of termination of office
Mrs T Boylin (Chair)Co-opted09/11/2022
Mrs U Hodgson (Vice Chair)Co-opted31/08/2022
Ms R BradburyCo-opted31/08/2025
Miss K ColderleyCo-opted06/12/2019
Dr L CoveParent14/10/2022
Mrs M FoleyCo-opted31/08/2025
Ms A GorseCo-opted11/03/2022
Mr T GroganCo-opted18/10/2024
Mr O HughesCo-opted31/08/2025
Mr I MooreCo-opted16/10/2020
Mrs R OvertonParent14/10/2020
Mrs D WaddingtonCo-opted09/12/2021
Ms S GorseHead Teacher
Mrs J ShawClerk to the Governors
Correct at time of print Sept 2021