Ofsted Reports

School Report

Turton School

Bromley Cross Road, Bromley Cross, Bolton, Lancashire, BL7 9LT

Inspection Dates12-13 May 2015 
Overall EffectivenessPrevious InspectionRequires Improvement 3
This InspectionGood 2
Leadership and ManagementGood2
Behaviour and Safety of PupilsGood2
Quality of TeachingGood2
Achievement of PupilsGood2
Sixth Form ProvisionGood2


Summary of Key Findings for Parents and Pupils

This is a good school.

  • This is a rapidly improving school. Senior leaders and governors have addressed the recommendations of the previous inspection with rigour and intelligence. Consequently, teaching and achievement have improved and are good.
  • The headteacher has been instrumental in driving this rapid improvement. Ably supported by her senior leadership team, she has ensured that everyone understands the ethos and purpose that underpin the school’s aims.
  • Staff recently appointed to key leadership positions throughout the school have been very effective in a short period of time.
  • Students’ progress in English is now very strong. Teaching in mathematics is also improving and current students are progressing well. There are improvements across all year groups and in almost all subjects The school’s work to keep students safe and secure is outstanding.
  • Students’ behaviour is good. They are keen to learn and show respect for others.
  • The attention given to students’ personal development is a considerable strength of the school and makes a significant contribution to their good achievement and behaviour.
  • Permanent exclusion is not used for students who have difficulties managing aspects of their behaviour because they are supported expertly by capable school staff.
  • The governing body has improved its effectiveness and influence on school improvement by seeking advice and recruiting new governors who have skills that help the school to move forward.
  • The sixth form is good and improving due to strong leadership.


It is not yet an outstanding school because


  • In mathematics, students are currently achieving well but have not done so over a sustained period of time. Over time, standards in mathematics are not as high as those seen in English.
  • Students’ progress in French has not improved at the same rate seen in many other subjects.
  • A small proportion of teachers do not give sufficient advice to students about how to improve their work. Some teachers do not ensure students present their work carefully enough or make the most of the advice that they do receive.
  • In a few cases, teachers do not ensure students have a secure understanding of earlier learning before moving on to higher level work.
  • Some students who did not achieve a good GCSE pass in mathematics are slow to achieve this in the sixth form.
  • A few students start at the sixth form with gaps in their subject knowledge so their progress is not as fast as many of their peers.


Information about this inspection


  • Inspectors reviewed a range of documents including: the school’s own data on current students’ progress;
    planning and monitoring documentation; records relating to behaviour and attendance; documents
    pertaining to safeguarding; and external reports on the school’s performance and overall effectiveness.
  • Students’ current and earlier work was evaluated. Together with the school’s senior and middle leaders,
    the inspectors undertook joint lesson observations and reviewed students’ work.
  • Inspectors spoke with a wide range of students. They also spoke to a representative from the local
    authority, school staff, governors, those with management responsibilities, and teachers new to teaching.
  • The views of the 86 members of staff who completed an inspection questionnaire were taken into
  • There were 204 responses to the online questionnaire (Parent View). These were taken into account. The
    inspection team also considered the school’s own consultations with parents and students.


Inspection Team 
Neil MacKenzie, Lead InspectorAdditional Inspector
Marcia HardingAdditional Inspector
Bernard RobinsonAdditional Inspector
Elizabeth KellyAdditional Inspector
Tony CliffordAdditional Inspector