Pupil Premium Spending

Narrowing the gap between the progress and attainment of our more vulnerable pupils and the rest of the cohort is a high priority at Turton School. We recognise the need to provide learning and cultural opportunities as well as high quality pastoral support for all pupils, especially for those who are disadvantaged in some way. We acknowledge that there are still some areas to focus on and we are addressing them wholeheartedly in the current academic year.

The impact of additional teachers in English and maths is proving to be beneficial for all pupils and impacting on those who are disadvantaged in both KS3 and 4. A keen focus on maths and English will continue to be a high priority so that all pupils achieve their potential in these key subject areas. We will continue to address the issue of boys’ achievement and ensure those who need extra support in terms of intervention, mentoring or equipment.

Turton’s ethos is based on a holistic approach to the education of our pupils. We believe it is the duty of schools, in partnership with parents, to develop well rounded individuals who can make a positive impact on society. With this in mind, we will continue to provide cultural experiences that will allow pupils to understand the wider implications of their beliefs and actions. Pupil Premium funding will therefore support curriculum visits such as the Year 7 Faith and Philosophy trip to places of worship and the Year 8 Theatre Trip. Other opportunities to visit universities as well as trips working on personal development will also be supported to help pupils realise their full potential.

We have taken into account the impact of some of the interventions we implemented last year when deciding the way we spend our Pupil Premium allocation this academic year. Using the guidance from the Sutton Trust we have added interventions which raise aspirations, provide cultural experiences and involve parents wherever possible.


We believe that attendance and engagement in school life are key factors in success. Academic mentors and pastoral support staff are aware of our disadvantaged students and, along with the appointment of an Attendance Officer to support our Pastoral Secretary, we aim to ensure that closer links with parents will further improve the attendance of all pupils.


Finally, we have taken steps to supplement the provision for those on free school meals by adding extra funds at break time to make sure all pupils have had a nutritious breakfast or snack in the middle of the day. This not only supports their ability to learn throughout the day but addresses the social implications of disadvantage.


If you have any questions about the Pupil Premium funding please contact.


Ursula Hodgson,

Deputy Head teacher.    



Intervention Academic year 2016/17    Actual Spend Academic year 2017/18   Estimated Spend Basis of costing
Additional Maths and English specialists have been employed to impact on all year groups, to reduce class sizes and provide interventions at both KS3 and 4. £83,882 £85,561 2 FTE Teacher. (M6)
A number of Learning Mentors specifically work with targeted PP students providing support in and out of lessons. £47,425 £47,900 2 x mentors x 0.8 FTE.
A Mentor trained in CBT supports pupils with mental health issues. £14,820    
A specialist mentor supports pupils who access an alternative curriculum so they are adequately supported through their college and work placements. £14,820    
An extra £1.20 per day is added to the accounts of pupils who receive FSM to allow purchase of food and drink at break time. £13,279 £13,500 Cost.
A literacy scheme is purchased to encourage love of reading in years 7 and 8 with the aim of impacting on boys’ reading in particular. Fiction books are be provided to encourage reading at home. £2,000 £2,000 Contribution to accelerated reading scheme costs.
£16,746 £16,914 0.5 x librarian.
£200 £200 Fiction books 40 books at £5 each.
Opportunities are provided for pupils to engage fully in all aspects of school life including raising aspirations for future study and employment as well as experiencing cultural activities. £10,174 £11,000 Cost.
Revision sessions are held after school for Years 10 and 11 with incentives aimed at underachieving pupils aiming to target revision techniques as well as confidence, self-esteem and motivation. £860  


2016/17 – 1 hour of a teacher after school from Feb half term.

2017/18 – 1.5 hours of Senior Leadership and Associate Assistant Head Teacher time with 1/2 the students being pupil premium

£2,000 £2,000 Revision materials, revision books, stationery, etc.
Pastoral Secretary works with Pastoral Leaders targeting attendance issues and providing feedback to those parents who struggle to attend Parents’ Evenings. £22,143 £22,364 0.5 FTE Admin Support + 0.2 FTE Mentor Support+ 1 hr every other week Pastoral Leaders x 5.
Personalised timetables provided for vulnerable students. £3,295 £3,328 1 mentor to cover 10 periods a fortnight.
Educational psychologist performs assessments to identify SEND need. £2,520 £2,520 6 days.
Maths interventions. £5,762   3 preschool sessions per week.
£3,402   0.25 x teacher from March.
Counsellor in school. £2,000 £2,000 0.5 counselling costs.
LAMDA training. £1,200 £1,200 12 weeks at £100 per week.
Careers Guidance provided. £2,000 £2,000 Part of careers TLR.
One Mentor focuses on establishing the hive switch, Turton’s behaviour for learning initiative.   £1,997 3 hours per week of Mentor time.
Leadership interventions around teaching and learning to support and promote the regular setting of homework and targeted and effective feedback.   £18,463 ¼ of Assistant Head time.
Regular SLT meetings with parents and pupils at KS4 to monitor and establish ways to ensure success and promote greater self-regulation.   £1,966 3 hrs of 6 Senior Leadership Time and 3 Associate Assistant Head Teacher.
Social and emotional learning.   £16,363 1/4 wellbeing practitioner plus 1/4 Mentor with CBT training.
Teaching and support staff CPD and research focuses to examine barriers to learning and establish impact of different pedagogical approaches.   £18,927 1/4 Assistant Head.
Progress leaders to track and provide support throughout KS4.   £23,677 .02 x 2 Faculty Heads.
  £253,529 £297,945  
PPG received £234,118 £234,118

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