Owen Hughes (Chair)01.09.1731.08.21CO-OPTED
Tracy Boylin (Vice Chair)
Sarah Brown13.10.1612.10.20PARENT
John Brunt01.09.1731.08.21CO-OPTED
Liam Carr01.09.1731.08.21CO-OPTED
Kelly Colderley07.12.1506.12.19CO-OPTED
Marie Foley01.09.1731.08.21CO-OPTED
David Greenhalgh01.09.1731.08.21CO-OPTED
Michael Jones21.01.1421.01.22STAFF
Ann Nash01.09.1731.08.21CO-OPTED
Ian Moore17.10.1616.10.20CO-OPTED
Diane Waddington09.12.1709.12.21CO-OPTED

Turton School Governing Board


Owen Hughes, Chair - Co-opted Governor

Owen is the second longest serving Governor and has been a governor at the school for over 27 years.  Owen attended Schools in Preston and worked in Bolton for the majority of his working life. He has previously been Chair of Governors and has a Certificate in Education Management.  He has lived locally for over 35 years and is often seen around the school doing walkabouts.

Owen played football and cricket at a high level in The West Lancashire League, Blackpool Palace Shield, and locally in the Bolton League.

Owen sits on the Teaching Learning and Curriculum, Resources, Pupil Development, Wellbeing and Safeguarding, Pupil Discipline, and Performance Management Sub-Committees.  He is also the governor for Inclusion, Child Protection & Safeguarding, and Partnership.

Owen is passionate about the school, supporting the school to provide a very high standard of education focused on continual improvement for all, ensuring our students leave as polite, well rounded, highly employable individuals. He is fully committed to the Turton Trivium Triad teaching method.

Owen has no business interests to declare.  His term of office finishes on 31.08.21.


Tracy Boylin, Vice Chair - Parent Governor

Tracy has been a Parent Governor at Turton School since November 2010 and is currently Vice Chair.


Tracy’s background has been working as an HR Director for over 20 years in a number of sectors including Education. It is these skills she specifically hopes to use to support the school.

Tracy sits on the Resources, Pupil Development, Wellbeing and Safeguarding Sub Committees.  She holds a further voluntary role with a Charity called Patients First which focuses on ensuring patient safety in our NHS. As a result, she often gets invited to speak at conferences on patient safety topics and bringing better reform into the NHS, to improve its patient safety matters.

Tracy has two children who have been students in the school and both went on to study in Turton Sixth Form before going on to universtiy.

Tracy has no business interests to declare.  Her term of office finishes on 10.11.18.


Sarah Brown – Parent Governor

Sarah was a student at Turton herself and her son has progressed through the school and Sixth Form. As a parent Sarah has always been impressed with the communication and support from the school.  She is proud to represent the parent voice and help to ensure this continues.  Sarah has worked in education for most of her career to date, in roles including Trading Services, HR and currently Data and Exams.  She is very much looking forward to contributing to the Teaching, Learning and Curriculum and Pupil Development, Wellbeing and Safeguarding Sub-Committees.

Sarah has no business interests to declare.  Her term of office finishes on 12.10.20.


John Brunt - Co-opted Governor

John has been a governor at Turton for over 20 years and for more than half of that time has been Chair of the Finance Sub-Committee. He currently chairs the Resources Sub-Committee.  John began as a Parent governor and all four of his children have attended the school. He spent over 30 years working in the NHS, latterly as Chief Executive of Bolton Hospitals NHS Trust. In that role and as school governor he has tried hard to put into practice his passion for excellence in public service.

John believes we have something special at Turton in the way our professional leaders and Governing Board work so well together, to sustain our unique blend of academic success and caring ethos and long may that continue!

John declares his business interest as Quarton Limited, Estate Management.  His term of office finishes on 31.08.21.


Liam Carr - Co-opted Governor

Liam has been a teacher at Turton School since 2005 and a governor since 2009.  In this time he has been a teacher of Physical Education and more recently Head of Department.

Liam sits on the Teaching, Learning and Curriculm Sub-Committee.  Liam says he became a governor because he has a keen interest in the ethos of the school which gives the best possible education and well-being to all our students. The caring nature of the school coupled with the high academic standards is something he feels passionately about.  He has lived in the local area all his life and he has family who attend the school.

Liam says the roles provide him with a platform to further develop the department he works in and he feels that this benefits the results in PE. The support the school provides is fantastic and assists us as a department to deliver an extensive extra-curricular programme within which the school excels with regard to offering opportunity for all and sporting success in the borough.

Liam has no business interests to declare.  His term of office expires on 31.08.21.


Kelly Colderley – Co-opted Governor

Kelly joined us as a Co-opted Governor in December 2015.  She works in the kitchen and has 3 children at the school.

Kelly currently sits on the Pupil Development, Wellbeing and Safeguading Sub-Committee.

She has no business interests to declare.  Her term of office finishes on 06.12.19.


Marie Foley - Co-opted Governor

Marie has served on the Governing Board since December 2012.

Marie Chairs the Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Sub-Committee and also sits on the Pupil Development, Wellbeing and Safeguarding Sub-Committee.  Having worked in School’s HR as the School’s Learning and Development Officer, during which time she gained an MSC in Strategic HR Management, she feels her experience is of value. More recently having worked within Education as the Governor Training Officer, Marie feels she has a lot to contribute to the Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Sub-Committee.

Marie says her three children have all received an excellent, all rounded education, at Turton, making her proud to be a Co-opted governor here. Having worked for the Education Authority for many years she felt it was important to give something back to the school that had offered her children so much and fully prepared them for their future paths.

Marie declares her business interest as Local Authority Governor training.  Her term of office finishes on 31.08.21.


David Greenhalgh - Co-opted Governor

David has been a Governor at Turton since 2011.   He currently sits on Teaching, Learning and Curriculum and Pupil Development, Wellbeing and Safeguarding Sub-Committees and the Board of Turton School Sports Association. David lives in the area, and also represents Bromley Cross Ward as a local councillor on Bolton MBC. A self-employed businessman, David's main interests are theatre, cinema and sport.

David declares “Granny’s Attic” Antiques as his business interest   His term of office expires 31.08.21.


Michael Jones - Staff Governor

Mike arrived at Turton School in 1987 and loved it so much that he stayed! In the early years he taught a fair amount of IT but it wasn’t too long before he was teaching a full timetable of Mathematics. For most of his time here he has also been the NUT staff representative. It seemed like a natural next step, to become a Staff Governor.

Mikes motives were to ensure that the Governors were able to access a clear staff perspective on issues and to promote the positive contribution made by teachers to the school. Because of his extensive experience as a school representative, Mike decided that he could best serve the Governors on the Resources Sub-Committee.

Mike has no business interests to declare.  His term of office expires on 21.01.18.


Ian Moore – Co-opted Governor

Ian joined the Governing Board at Turton School in October 2016.  He has been a Governor at Harwood Meadows since 2008 and is currently the Chair of Governors there.  Ian thoroughly enjoys being a Governor in a primary school and is looking forward to sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm here at Turton.  He currently sits on the Resources Sub-Committee.

Ian was a pupil at Turton himself and has very fond memories of the school.

As a profession, Ian is dedicated to helping businesses understand and find finance, which he is happy to be able to bring to Turton.  Ian hopes he can have a positive impact on the school for all pupils and teachers. 

Ian has 3 children, the eldest of whom is at Turton.

Ian has business interests in Independent Business Finance Company Ltd, Compare Invoice Finance Ltd and Express Loans 4 Business Ltd.  His term of office expires on 16.10.20


Ann Nash - Co-opted Governor

Ann is our longest serving governor.  She has been a resident of Bromley Cross for more than 35 years and has been a governor of Turton School for a large part of that time, as a Parent governor (and active member of the Parents’ Association at the same time) for 16 years and as a Co-opted governor since then.  Her 3 children have all gone through Turton and she now has 2 grand-children growing up in the area. Ann feels the school is an important part of the local community.

During her time as a governor Ann has been a member of the Teaching, Learning and Curriculum and Personnel Sub-Committees. She now also sits on the Pupil Development, Wellbeing and Safeguarding Sub-Committee.  She has worked with the Modern Foreign Languages department and been governor with responsibility for Children who are Looked After and Equal Opportunities. She has interviewed at various levels and been involved with Pupil Discipline and Performance Management. She is free during the day to attend meetings and meet members of staff and departments and enjoys attending school performances of music and drama.


Ann has no business interests to declare.  Her term of office finishes on 31.08.21.



Diane Waddington - Co-opted Governor

Diane has been a governor since December 2013.  She currently chairs the Pupil Development, Wellbeing and Safeguarding Sub-Committee and sits on the Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Sub-Committee.

Diane has two children a daughter and a son who have both gone through the school.

Diane is very proud to be a Governor at Turton and feels the school has fantastic pastoral care and high standards of academic success at GCSE and A level.

Diane was Chair of Turton Parents' Association and has been part of the Parents’ Association for many years.

For 10 years Diane has worked as an Adult Learning Teacher delivering Family Learning and Functional English to residents of the City of Salford.

Diane has no business interests to declare.  She finishes her term of office on 09.12.21.