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For many of our students in year 12, Psychology and Sociology are often new subjects, consequently we approach the curriculum by incorporating cross-curricular links. For example, research methods are fundamental in their understanding of psychological research findings and Sociological theory. At KS4 all students use this methodology in Science, Maths and often Humanities subjects; therefore we focus on this area ensuring students feel competent in the foundation theory and grammar, before applying it to a wider understanding.

In both subjects, we introduce students to key theories and approaches, ensuring content is understood through the use of model answers and summative assessment. We also teach prescribed evaluation points, allowing all students time to understand and objectively critique key studies and theories. When students have achieved this, we continue to work on their higher order skills through the use of rhetoric in tutorial style lessons, allowing students an opportunity to experience research and evaluate additional material. Each session is differentiated to ensure that all students are able to develop their understanding of evaluation and critique, moreover supporting transition from year 12 to 13.

In year 13, we continue to develop skills of rhetoric, leading to dialectic. Students are expected to apply the key approaches and theories to specific topic areas. For example, students will produce essay style answers on ‘Marxists contribution to our understanding of crime and deviance’ and ‘Kohlberg’s Cognitive Theory of Gender Development’ amongst others. At this stage, students will have the foundation knowledge of content and have developed their understanding of application. Students will have access to one model answer per topic area, but will be expected to objectively assess all other areas independently. Assessment of their understanding will be through presentations, extended essays, exams and tutorial discussions.



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