Turton School – A research-engaged learning community

Here at Turton, we firmly believe in taking an evidence-informed approach to all aspects of school life.

We expect staff to be aware of the latest research in their area so that they can adapt nationally and internationally recognised excellent practice to provide the very best learning, teaching and pastoral support to our students and develop their own professional excellence and mastery of their role.

Once a month we involve all staff in a research briefing where some of the latest findings and thoughts are discussed in small groups and the implications for classroom practice are debated.

Examples of items we have discussed this year include:

As part of the performance development programme, staff are expected to research their areas of focus and some staff have even gone further, running small research experiments in order to trial out new practice. This year, some staff are looking at how students’ wellbeing affects their engagement and performance in the classroom; developing students’ responses to synoptic questions at A-level; Memorisation techniques; Mastery teaching of Mathematics; and working with UCL on Holocaust Education.

We believe that Turton is an exciting place to work where we expect staff to be fully engaged in the latest educational debates and always looking to be the best that they can be.