Physical Education

Within Physical Education at Turton School we deliver a high quality curriculum within which students develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of sports science, confidence in using tactics, strategies and compositional ideas to perform to their best ability. It is vital that students understand and apply the long-term health benefits of physical activity as well embed the learning that took place at Key Stage 1 & 2. At a time where lots of change is taking place at GCSE and A Level, we aim to promote a greater emphasis on teaching Physical Education through the medium of sporting activities with the focus on theoretical sport science being at the forefront of our unique policy.

Within Key Stage 3 the focus is to implement the Trivium into the curriculum based on three main compositions. The aspects of our curriculum in Key Stage 3 begins by teaching the mechanics of language to the student that will develop a base of knowledge of key principles to build upon each year. This will allow the students to develop ideas, making links and analysing performance using logical links with a focus on using data. The students will reflect on their own and each other’s performance, as well as how to give and use feedback which develops them personally and socially. In order to meet the National Curriculum attainment target students will have the ability to perform and communicate fluently the key concepts covered throughout Key Stage 3.

At Key Stage 4 the content builds on the understanding developed at the previous Key Stage, increasing breadth and a platform for students who have a secure subject to enhance their skills, communication and understanding of key sporting issues. The cross curricular links with biology, Maths and History offer students a well-rounded education. Students can also study GCSE Dance; a comprehensive study of Dance in its physical, artistic, aesthetic and cultural context. In addition to helping students acquire subject knowledge, this specification promotes four key elements of character education: fitness, a healthy lifestyle, teamwork and creativity.

At Key Stage 5 students we offer A level PE where students are encouraged to immerse themselves in the world of sports and PE with the chance to perform or coach a sport and delve further into the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of physical activity and sport. In addition, in A level Dance, the language of dance is used every lesson, as students explore their own opinions and articulate their choreographic and stylistic understanding. Critical evaluation, backed up with well-formulated argument is a feature of our lessons. We experiment, we show, we critically evaluate, we discuss, we decide and so the process goes on.  Both qualifications provide a fantastic base from which to build when students move on to higher education, employment or further training. The skills that students have learned at all previous Key Stages will give them the opportunity to establish mastery within the subject by developing a range of practical skills, including communication using appropriate language, dealing with pressure, split second decision-making, analysing and evaluating performance, and more.

The PE department provides a comprehensive selection of extra-curricular activities throughout the year.  The clubs allow students to improve their competency levels and offer the opportunity to represent the Academy in competitions, leagues, tournaments and galas in which we have an impressive record at local and regional.

New Specifications for 2016