Media Studies

All our work is student-centred and flexible teaching and learning strategies are an integral part of our lessons.  We teach in mixed ability groups and the schemes of work set have been constructed with differentiation at their core and are chosen to suit all ability levels.  Every attempt is made to encourage students to achieve their potential, and to extend their skills, understanding and knowledge.

Respect for each individual’s contribution whether it be student or teacher, is fundamental to our teaching.  Students are expected and encouraged to respect each other’s work.  Media Studies has a special part to play in relation to students’ welfare, offering them a chance to communicate in their own way and helping them to increase their confidence and creativity.

As a department we aim to maintain our high standards of teaching and learning.  This is done through collaboration; consistent reviews of our planning and teaching, and monitoring of student progress.   We aim for flexibility in our teaching and variety in topic and teaching style.  We strive at all times towards higher standards by our students whilst at the same time creating a positive and purposeful classroom.  We want our students to learn in a happy, caring, supportive and accepting learning environment.

Course Contacts

Teaching Staff: 

E. Miller  ( )

Technical Staff: 

G. Moore  ( )

(Also IT / Web Technician)