In Maths we strongly believe that to create excellent mathematicians we have to start at the beginning. Pairing this idea with the elements of the Trivium we have developed a mastery-style curriculum at KS3 to ensure that the grammar of the subject is concreted in Year 7 & 8 before moving on to GCSE. This allows every student to develop the fundamental key skills that will be required later in their academic careers at their own pace. We spend extra time on essential topics to ensure there are solid foundations to build on later.

The next stage is to develop versatility in the students by applying the key skills they have learnt in KS3 to a wider variety of topics and situations. In building on the GCSE content through Year 9, 10 and 11 we create adaptable and resilient learners. We have adapted the schemes of work to group topics together that complement each other and can be tested together in a variety of ways. This multi-topic questioning stretches our most able students and helps to prepare them for the wider world of Maths.

Our final job as teachers here at Turton is to ensure the young people leaving us are prepared for their next steps. In KS5 we strive to develop independent learners who aren’t afraid to ask questions and seek out their own answers. By following a curriculum which includes a variety of both Core and Applied modules we are able to offer students the wider learning they require to allow them to progress onto further studies or their desired career choice.

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