We, in the Languages & Culture department openly embrace the ideology to make languages an integral part of the curriculum at KS3 and KS4. With that in mind all students in Year 7 will be given the opportunity to learn both French and Spanish. This fits perfectly with ‘Trivium’ as it allows students to build on the language skills they have acquired in their time at primary school and encourages them to build on these skills to deepen their learning.

Languages are all about communication and with ‘Trivium’ in mind, we have redesigned our curriculum to make it fit for purpose for our young minds and for the demands of the multicultural world in which we live.

Our curriculum builds on progression through carefully thought out steps which build and consolidate the ‘Grammar’ of languages. This focus allows us to teach, consolidate and embed the natural stepping stones which will enable your child to master their chosen language by communicating with a greater degree of fluency throughout their learning pathways with the ultimate aim of being able to communicate in detail about a range of current issues by the end of Y13.

Students will be given opportunities to continually understand, consolidate and use a linguistic core of structures in a variety of situations and themes, gradually increasing the complexity of these linguistic structures as they progress through the Key Stages. Additionally, a diet rich and diverse in cultural opportunities will furthermore their language learning experience offered at here at Turton.


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S. Mansell  ( )

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S. Walker  ( )

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E. Lanoe  ( )

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C. Booth  ( )

S. Jackson  ( )

A. Dutta  ( )

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