Our Drama curriculum develops opportunities for students to think creatively and critically, to solve problems and make a difference for the better. Character education is at the heart of this subject and our longer term objective is to prepare the young people that we teach for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences that they will encounter in their adult life. Studying drama requires emotional maturity, and gives pupils a deep understanding of themselves. It involves using not only their voices and bodies, but also exploring their emotions and responses, developing empathy. It is also a subject that requires a great deal of peer trust, and so it plays an important role in teaching communication, listening and empathy skills. We encourage their creativity, enterprise and capabilities as young leaders, equipping them for their future life as workers and citizens.

Character education sits side by side with the core values of Trivium. Our work combines practical creativity alongside research and theoretical understanding.   At KS3 we have designed a bespoke curriculum in which students experience, see and make theatre for themselves. They are given opportunities to articulate what they understand and how they feel about what they have experienced, seen and made. We build on these foundations at GCSE level (KS4) where the direction of learning is often decided by the students themselves. Lessons are often lively explorations of an idea or concept or experience. The written work at KS4 focusses on students’ demonstrating accurate use of terminology to construct written responses that combine deep understanding with personal opinion and theatrical awareness. Specializing as a performer, designer or technician further develops specialist knowledge and understanding. Our GCSE course refines students’ collaborative skills, their analytical thinking and approaches to research. They grow in confidence and maturity as they successfully realise their own ideas. They are well-prepared for the wider world.

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