At Turton we focus on the skills that are currently desirable for industry. With new courses that evolve to meet the needs of the student and to provide a fantastic insight into the world of computing, we aim to create future innovators in the computing industry.

At Key-Stage 3 students learn the core concepts related to programming, they learn and develop their skills in using and understanding computers and they gain a great understanding of the internet allowing them to become mindful digital citizens.

Key-Stage 3 prepares students for the GCSE in Computer Science and the new Technical-Award in Digital IT. Both qualifications give students the skills they need for working in the industry. All industries now use some of form of computing or modern technology in the workplace and our curriculum is key in preparation for this.

GCSE Computer Science is a course for students who have a deep interest in how computers work, and it develops skills in programming, logical thought and problem-solving.

Students completing a course in GCSE Computer Science or Digital IT can then look to A-Level and BTECs to refine these skills further. The courses at Key-Stage 5 are tailored to developing students in the practical skills available for work, aiming to introduce students to the industries that can offer apprenticeships and employment as well as a potential university offering.

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