Turton Alumni Heritage Group bringing us back together...

We have recently formed the Turton Alumni Heritage Group and membership is ‘FREE’ and lifelong.  We have already connected with ex-students locally, nationally and worldwide. TAHG is working on a number of initiatives alongside other departments based within Turton School and social events throughout the Once you are registered we will send you any information on discounts, special offers and local information. We are working hard to grow the group and look forward to welcoming you to the Alumni membership.

Our aim and objectives are to build on renewing and replenishing past friendships. Forge new ties with our alumni to build and strengthen ‘The Turton Family’ which under pins the foundation of the school.

If you would like to keep in touch, get connected, receive updates for alumni events, or just send in your memories and photos then please contact our alumni administration department.  All we need to know for initial registration is your name (plus maiden name if applicable), when you left Turton School or the 6th Form and a contact email address. To register email or alternatively if you would like to speak with someone then give Sharon Wyre a call who will be happy to help you on 01204 333233.


Sports Hall Roof Appeal

Turton School is very proud to run a community sports centre which provides affordable and easy access to sports activities for local residents. Since taking over the running of the centre in 2012 the sports centre staff have worked hard to increase the range of activities available and the centre is busy every evening and weekend with young and old taking part in a wide range of sporting activities including swimming, fitness classes, martial arts, football and much more.

The sports centre has also run various community based activities which have allowed local families to participate in a wide range of free sporting and educational activities.

Recent work at the school has highlighted that the sports hall roof will need significant repairs in the next two years. I am sure you are aware of the funding pressures facing schools and no additional funding is received from Government to run the sports centre.

The repairs to the roof will cost around £75,000. To fund this the Parents’ Association are appealing to local residents, sports centre users and businesses for donations.

We would be grateful if you could spare some money however large or small to help us to keep the sports centre running.

If you would like to donate £35 or more you could commemorate your gift with an inscribed block which will be displayed on the sports centre corridor.

If you would like to donate then please complete the form attached.

For many years now our students have mentioned that their parents came to Turton, now we are finding they tell us “my granddad” or “my nana came to Turton” this is wonderful, but it also got us thinking about our lack of contact with our alumni.  We have decided to hold a ‘Turton Family’ fun day on the 9th July 2016.  The venue is Turton School, where we will be having family entertainment for all ages, music and merriments.  Anyone who is registered with the Alumni will be invited along with their families.  All details will be published nearer to the time, but we are hoping to receive guests from all over the world!  The day will give everyone an opportunity to meet up with old friends, make new ones and just enjoy the day with your family.  School will hold tours of the buildings so you can reminisce, giving you the chance to see how we have changed (or not) in the building!

Would you like to take part?  Please contact or give Sharon Wyre a call on 01204 333233