Year 7 Pupil Premium

Catch up 7 Spend 2016/17

Catch up 7 money was received for 41 students (English) and 25 students (Maths) in 2016/17.  These students had not achieved age related expectations in English and / or Maths by the end of Year 6. The funding received was spent on staffing in English and maths and resources to aid catch up in literacy and numeracy sessions throughout the year.


In English, of the students identified, 85% had improved their reading ages and 73% had moved up the rankings within their cohort; 34% moving up more than one decile.

In maths, of the students identified, 60% have moved up the rankings within the whole cohort; with 24% moving up more than one decile.


Forms of Support


Literacy Support- identified pupils receive support in all aspects of literacy through specific lessons led by Level 4 teaching Assistants and a specialist English teacher.

Spelling Club – run in Registration time, these sessions address specific issues around spelling, especially subject specific, high frequency and commonly misspelt words.

Accelerated Reader – this scheme is aimed at all year 7 pupils in order to instil a love of reading as well as encourage and support reading both in school and at home.

Maths Club – identified pupils are invited to after school sessions to work on skills led by Maths specialist.

Numeracy Ninja is incorporated into weekly registration sessions in Years 7 and 8.

Maths Support – Specialist maths teacher works with small groups to address missing gaps in knowledge.

Homework Club – this is run four nights a week with support from Learning Support staff with a focus on literacy and numeracy.