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Staff List (2017)

  STAFF LIST 2017-18   
Ms S GorseBSc (Manchester), PGCE (Lancaster)
Mrs C E Bach (Curriculum)BSc, PGCE (Leicester)
Mrs U M Hodgson (Pastoral)BA (Open University), PGCE (MMU)
Ms C Baily (Achievement & Progress)BA (University of Wales), PGCE (University of London)
Miss K Leonard (Learning)BSc, PGCE (Liverpool)
Mr P Tiltman (Research and Management Systems)BA (Cambridge), GRTP (MMU)
Mr J N BachLead Analyst. Also ScienceBSc , PGCE (Leicester)
Mrs J ParrDirector of School Direct and New Teacher Development. Also DramaBA (Edge Hill), PGCE (Manchester)
Miss N R ParryPastoral. Also PEBA with QTS (Leeds)
Associate Assistant Head, PastoralMiss N R Parry (Also PE)BA with QTS (Leeds)
Pastoral Leader Year 7Miss J Brown (Also P.E.)BA (Hull), PGCE (Leeds)
Pastoral Leader Year 8Mrs L Smith (Also English) and Mr D McElroy (Also PE/Psychology)BA (Leeds), PGCE (MMU) BA (Staffordshire), PGCE (MMU)
Pastoral Leader Year 9Mr C Moorhouse (Also Faith & Ethics)BA (Staffordshire), PGCE (MMU)
Pastoral Leader Year 10Mrs R Wright (Also PE/English)BEd, (Bedford)
Pastoral Leader Year 1111Mr M Sykes (Also Science)BSc, QTS (Edge Hill)
SENCOClare Brindle (Also English)BA, PGCE (MMU)
Supported by Anne Davidson
Mr P TiltmanResearch and Management Systems (Also Mathematics)BA (Cambridge), GRTP (MMU)
Miss K E BaliHead of Sixth Form (Also Head of Govt &BA, (Hull), PGCE (Nottingham)
Mr P RigbyDeputy Director (Also Mathematics)BSc, PGCE (Loughborough)
Mrs L LaneHead of Year 12 (Also History)BA (Manchester), GRTP (Lancashire)
Mr C McGowanHead of Year 13 (Also Business Studies)BA (Leeds), PGCE (Manchester)
Miss L GrayHead of DepartmentBA (Blackpool & Fylde), PGCE (Edge Hill)
Ms G L SaberySecond in DepartmentBA (Liverpool), ATC (Brighton)
Mr D M Dacosta OliveiraHead of GraphicsBA, PGCE (MMU)
Mr A CromptonTeacher of Art/GraphicsBA (Wolverhampton), PGCE (MMU)
Mrs J KearnsTeacher of ArtBA, PGCE (Central Lancs)
Mr V FluteTeacher of EconomicsBA (John Moores), PGCE (Edge Hill)
Mr T MansfieldTeacher of Business & Economics (Also Key Stage Co-ordinator)BA (Leicester), PGCE (MMU)
Mr C McGowanTeacher of Business & Economics (Also Head of Year 13)BA (Leeds), PGCE (Manchester)
Mrs L HaygarthHead of DanceBA, PGCE (Liverpool John Moores)
Mrs S J MurphyHead of DepartmentBA, PGCE (MMU)
Mrs R O ClareHead of Resistant MaterialsBA, PGCE (Liverpool John Moores)
Mrs C DowerHead of FoodBA (Leicester), PGCE (MMU)
Ms C OwenTeacher of Resistant MaterialsBEd (Huddersfield)
Ms S ParkerTeacher of Food TechnologyBA (Liverpool John Moores), PGCE (Edge Hill)
Mrs R ReynoldsTeacher of FoodBA, PGCE (Liverpool John Moores)
Ms J BimpsonHead of DepartmentBA , PGCE (Liverpool)
Miss A HelmnTeacher of DramaBA (University of Manchester)
Mrs J ParrAssociate Assistant Head Teacher Ð Director of School Direct and New Teacher Development)BA (Edge Hill), PGCE (Manchester)
Miss A LaneHead of DepartmentBA, PGCE (Leeds)
Mrs N TravisSecond in DepartmentBA (UCLan), PGCE (Cumbria)
Ms C BailyTeacher of English (Also Asst Head Achievement & Progress)BA (University of Wales), PGCE (University of London)
Mr R BaliTeacher of EnglishBA (Salford), PGCE (Edge Hill)
Mrs K Bradley-LawTeacher of EnglishBA (Belfast), PGCE (Manchester)
Miss C BrindleTeacher of English (Also SENCO)BA, PGCE (MMU)
Miss R FinleyTeacher of EnglishBA (Oxford), PGCE (Edge Hill)
Miss A GollandTeacher of English (Also Pastoral Leader)BA (Hull), PGCE (Leeds)
Mrs F GraingerTeacher of EnglishBA (Victoria Uni of Manc'r), PCE (Victoria Uni of Manc'r)
Mrs M O'DonnellTeacher of English (School Direct)BA (Open University)
Miss U M HodgsonTeacher of English (Also Deputy Head Teacher - Pastoral)BA (Open University), PGCE (MMU)
Mr D JohnsonTeacher of English & KS5 Co-ord.BA (Open University), PGCE (MMU)
Mrs S MatthewsTeacher of EnglishBEd (Banglore University), QTS (MMU)
Mr J MellingTeacher of English (Also Mathematics)BA (Lancaster), PGCE (Rivington School Direct)
Miss L MurphyTeacher of EnglishBA (Leicester), PGCE (University of Manchester)
Miss L SmithTeacher of English (Also Pastoral Leader)BA, (Leeds), PGCE (MMU)
Mrs I TaylorTeacher of EnglishBA (UCLAN), PGCE (Edge Hill)
Mrs J L EdgeHead of Faculty (Also Strategy Leader for Progress & Curriculum)BA, PGCE (St Martins)
Mrs C E RowbottomSecond in DepartmentBA , PGCE (Leeds)
Mrs E BaileyTeacher of Faith & EthicsBA (Bolton), PGCE (Edge Hill)
Mr R GreenhalghTeacher of Faith & EthicsBA (MMU), PCE (Liverpool Hope University)
Mr C MoorhouseTeacher of Humanities (Also Careers Co-ordinator)BA (University of Manchester), MA (Bangor University),
PCE (Liverpool Hope University)
Mr C SearleHead of DepartmentBSc, PGCE (MMU)
Mr D HierSecond in Dept. (Also Teacher of History)BSc (Leeds), PGCE (Sheffield Hallam)
Mr R FoyTeacher of Geography (Also Key stage 4 and Exams Co-ordinator)BA (Staffordshire), PGCE (MMU)
Miss C KnowlesTeacher of GeographyBSc (Nottingham), PGCE (MMU)
Miss S MarshallTeacher of GeographyBSc (Sheffield), MSc (Sheffield)
Miss C SmithTeacher of Geography & History (Also NQT Co-ordinator)BSc (Aberdeen), PGCE (MMU)
Mr P KollerHead of Department (Also Strategy Leader for Progress & Curriculum)BA, (Manchester), PGCE (Edge Hill)
Mr S TitherSecond in DepartmentBA (Lancaster), MA (Cumbria), PGCE (Cumbria)
Mrs K E BaliHead of Government & Politics (Also Head of Sixth Form)BA (Hull), PGCE (Nottingham)
Mr T CordwellTeacher of HistoryBA (Lancaster), PGCE (Chester)
Mrs C EcclesTeacher of HistoryBA (Cardiff), PCE (Southampton)
Mr T GroganTeacher of History (School Direct)BA (Open University)
Mr D HierTeacher of History & Second in GeographyBSc (Leeds), PGCE (Sheffield Hallam)
Mrs L LaneTeacher of History (Also Pastoral Leader)BA (Manchester), GRTP (Lancashire)
Mrs A M BlakeleyHead of Department - MaternityBA, GRTP (MMU)
Miss E DavisonTeacher of Computing/ICTBL (Leeds), PGCE (Edge Hill)
Mr P MyerscoughTeacher of Computing (Also PE)BA (Edge Hill), PGCE (MMU)
Mr M RifaiTeacher of Computer ScienceBSc (UCLAN ), PGCE (Cumbria)
Mr R A D TretheweyTeacher of ICT (Also Timetable, Cover and Curriculum)BSc, PGCE (University College of North Wales)
Mrs S MansellHead of DepartmentBA (Hull), PGCE (Leeds)
Miss S WalkerSecond in DepartmentBA (Liverpool John Moores), PGCE (Liverpool Hope)
Miss C BertinTeacher of Languages & CultureLicence Applied Foreign Languages (Acad. de Lille), PGDE (LJM)
Mr A DuttaTeacher of Languages & CultureBA (Salford), SCITT (Buile Hill)
Miss S JacksonTeacher of Languages & CultureBA (Leeds), , PGCE (Manchester)
Miss E KiplingTeacher of Languages & CultureBA (Manchester), BSc (Open University), PGCE (MMU)
Mrs E LanoeTeacher of Languages & CultureLicence DÕAnglais (UniversitŽ Paul Valery), PGCE (MMU)
Ms L MountfordTeacher of Languages & CultureBA (Central Lancs), PGCE (MMU)
Mr P SextonHead of Department (Acting)BSc (Manchester), PGCE (MMU)
Ms R BaguleyTeacher of MathematicsBSc, PGCE (Leeds)
Mrs C A BarchamTeacher of Mathematics (Also Duties and Educational Visits Co-ordinatorBEd (University of Greenwich)
Mrs A R CordwellTeacher of MathematicsBSc, PGCE (Manchester)
Ms S GorseTeacher of Mathematics (Also Head Teacher)BSc (Manchester), PGCE (Lancaster)
Mr S HayhurstTeacher of MathematicsMEng (Bristol), PGCE (Institute of Education)
Mr I MohammedTeacher of Mathematics (Also KS3 Co-ordinator)BSc (Bolton), MA (Edge Hill), PGCE (Edge Hill)
Miss A J JacksonTeacher of Mathematics (Also KS5 Co-ordinator)BSc, PGCE (Leeds)
Mr M A JonesTeacher of MathematicsBSc (Teeside), PGCE (St Martins)
Miss R KinsellaTeacher of MathematicsBSc (Manchester), PGCE (Edge Hill)
Miss K LeonardTeacher of Mathematics (Also Assistant Headteacher - Learning)BSc, PGCE (Liverpool)
Mr W Y LiuTeacher of Mathematics (Also Teaching & Learning)BSc (Manchester), PGCE (MMU)
Miss J PascoeTeacher of MathematicsBEd (Sheffield City Polytechnic)
Mr P RigbyTeacher of Mathematics (Also Deputy Director of Sixth Form)BSc, PGCE (Loughborough)
Miss C L SinclairTeacher of MathematicsBSc (Newcastle), PGCE (York)
Mr P TiltmanTeacher of Mathematics (Also Research and Management Systems)BA (Cambridge), GRTP (MMU)
Mrs E MillerLead Teacher MediaBA (Manchester), GRTP (Lancashire)
Mr J M ParkinsonHead of DepartmentB.Mus (Hull), MA (York), PGCE (Bretton Hall)
Mr S ShepherdTeacher of Music ( Also Assistant Co-ordinator Schools Direct)BA (Derby), PGCE (MMU)
Mr L CarrHead of DepartmentBSc, PGCE (Edge Hill)
Miss J BrownTeacher of PEBA (Durham), PGCE (Cumbria)
Mr D McElroyTeacher of PEBA, PGCE (MMU)
Miss N R ParryTeacher of PE (Also Associate Assistant Head Teacher - Pastoral)BA with QTS (Leeds)
Mrs R WrightTeacher of PE (Also Pastoral Leader)BEd, (Bedford)
Miss J YoungTeacher of PEBSc (Loughborough), PGCE (Worcester)
Mr M SmithHead of DepartmentBSc (Leeds), PGCE (Newcastle)
Mrs C E BachTeacher of Science (Also Deputy Head Teacher)BSc, PGCE (Leicester)
Mr J N BachTeacher of Science (Also Lead Analyst; Associate Assistant Head Teacher)BSc , PGCE (Leicester)
Mr N V ColemanTeacher of ScienceBSc (Dundee), PGCE (Liverpool)
Mrs E ClossTeacher of ScienceBSc , PGCE (Manchester)
Miss R DowningTeacher of Science (Also KS3 Co-ord.)BSc (Leeds), PGCE (Sheffield Hallam)
Miss V P GrahamTeacher of ScienceBSc with QTS (Edge Hill)
Mr J KaniukaTeacher of ScienceBSc, (Salford), PGCE (MMU)
Mrs A KelsallTeacher of ScienceBSc, GRTP (Bolton)
Mrs A J KitsonTeacher of Science (Also KS5 Co-ord.)BSc, PGCE (Manchester)
Mrs S KotwalHead of Biology (Also KS4 Co-ord./BTEC )BSc, (UCLan)
Mr D LeverTeacher of ScienceBA (Edge Hill), PGCE (MMU/School Direct)
Dr F Mamedy-JacksonTeacher of Science (Also New Teacher Development Co-ordinator)MA (Manchester), PGCE (MMU)
Miss K MolyneuxTeacher of ScienceMSci ( Durham), PGCE (Sunderland)
Miss L OuttersideTeacher of ScienceBSc (MMU), PGCE (Lancaster)
Miss S PiercyTeacher of ScienceBSc (Lancaster), PGCE (Manc'r)
Miss H C RothwellTeacher of ScienceM.Biochem (Oxford), PGCE (MMU)
Mrs S SoylerTeacher of ScienceMBA (Salford), PGCE (MMU)
Mr M SykesTeacher of Science (Also Pastoral Leader)BSc, QTS (Edge Hill)
Miss I WrightHead of Faculty (KS5)MA, (St Andrews), PGCE (MMU)
Miss H HowshamTeacher of Social Sciences (Also Careers Co-ordinator)BSc (Bolton), PGCE (MMU)
Miss V Z SiddallTeacher of Psychology - Maternity to Feb 2017BSc (Bangor), PGCE (Keele)
Learning Support Manager and
Assistant SENCOMrs A Davidson
Asst SNA Co-ordinatorMrs R Gartland
Teaching AssistantsLevel 4:Mrs P Cole
Miss S Kershaw
Teaching AssistantsLevel 3:Mrs B Crook
Mrs C Difalco
Mrs C Entwistle
Mrs S Lewarne
Teaching AssistantsLevel 2:Mrs H Ainsworth
Mr R Counsell
Ms L Gerrard
Mr J Hall
Mrs V Halpin
Miss C Harris
Mrs R Merrills
Ms T Newton
Mrs A Symonds
Business ManagerMrs G Burns
HR ManagerMiss L Hathaway
HR AdviserMrs B Makin
HeadteacherÕs P.A. alsoMrs J Shaw
Clerk to Governors & Leadership Secretary
Reception Services
SupervisorMrs B Philbin (Also Community/Events)
Mrs W Whipp (Also Cover/School Direct Support)
ReceptionMrs A Taylor
Mrs S Turner
Health Care AssistantMrs G Curnock
Pastoral SecretaryMrs J Hulme
Attendance OfficerMrs T Hilton (Also Repro.)
Curriculum and 6th Form Support Team
SupervisorMrs C Feehan
Curriculum Admin. TeamMrs S Gradwell
Mrs L Shelmerdine
Mrs J Thomas (Including Bursary)
Reprographics/Print Unit
ManagerMrs S Wyre
Repro. TeamMiss N Ingham
Mrs T Hilton (Also Attendance Officer)
Mrs N Owen
Music/Events TechnicianMr R Hindle
Examinations ManagerMr D Haworth
Senior Finance OfficerMs E Dearnaley
Finance OfficerMiss L Mort
Finance OfficerMrs J Proctor
Chartered Librarian &Mrs J Sprawling
Learning Resource Centre Manager
Cover SupervisorMr D Vitthal
Network ManagerMr T Kwiatkowski
IT/Data ManagerMr S Buckthorpe
IT Help Desk Officer/IT TechnicianMr J Sech
Senior IT TechnicianMr R Kynoch
Mr G Moore
Curriculum TechniciansMr R Hindle (Music & Events)
Mrs C Holden (Design Technology)
Miss K Ackers (Design Technology)
Mrs J Gibson (Food Technology)
Senior Science TechnicianMrs L Maryon
Science Technicians:Mrs J Cooper
Miss F Martin
Mr J Phow
Emotional Health & Wellbeing OfficerMrs L Nield
Pastoral Manager (LAC)Mrs L Cowburn
Pastoral Manager (Behaviour)Mrs K Hibbert
Pastoral Manager (Child Protection)Mrs S Thomas
Pastoral Care Officers:Mr T Berry (Mental Health)
Miss S Taylor
Facilities ManagerMr A Morris
Site Maintenance OfficerMr K Brown
Mr J Davies
CaretakersMr B Kelly
Mr D Cass
Grounds MaintenanceMr J Fleetwood
Catering ManagerMr S Tomlinson
Assistant Catering Unit ManagerMrs C Coleman
CooksMs J Bowman
Mr C Hadfield
Senior Catering AssistantsMs M Lomax
Mrs A Rowson
Catering AssistantsMrs T Bailey
Miss K Bridge
Mrs K Colderley
Mrs H Drew
Mrs K Eccleshare
Mrs A Matthews
Mrs E May
Ms E McCroray (Also Team Leader SMSA)
Ms J Nuttall
Ms M Roscoe
Ms S Shakespeare
Mrs L Tonge
School MealTeam LeaderMrs E McCroray (Also Catering)
Supervisors (SMSA)Mrs B Barnes
Mrs C Berry
Mrs C Huxley
Mrs J Kelly
Mrs M Lomax
Miss L Nuttall
Mrs G Tumblety
Turton Sports Centre
Community ManagerMr D Overend
Senior Duty Supervisor/CaretakerMr M Jones
Duty SupervisorsMr M Duckworth
Mrs S Shepherd
Weekend CleanerMrs C Fentem
Sixth Form PresidentJacob Heppleston
Sixth Form Vice PresidentJasmine Kinsella
Sixth Form Vice PresidentSam Armstrong
Sixth Form Vice PresidentEuan Foster
Sixth Form Vice PresidentWilliam Parr
Head GirlIndia Coward
Head BoyEd Webster
Deputy Head GirlsMartha Walker & Mia Halpin
Deputy Head BoysCharlie Jones & Jon Graham
GovernorRepresentative statusDate of termination of office
Mr O Hughes (Chair)Co-opted31/08/2021
Mrs T Boylin (Vice Chair)Parent09/11/2018
Mrs S BrownCo-opted12/10/2020
Mr J BruntCo-opted31/08/2021
Mrs P CannonCo-opted31/08/2021
Mr L CarrCo-opted31/08/2021
Miss K ColderleyCo-opted06/12/2019
Mrs M FoleyCo-opted31/08/2021
Cllr D GreenhalghCo-opted31/08/2021
Mr M JonesStaff20/01/2018
Mr I MooreCo-opted16/10/2020
Mrs A NashCo-opted31/08/2021
Mr B NortheyCo-opted31/08/2021
Mrs D WaddingtonCo-opted09/12/2017
Cllr A WilkinsonLA31/08/2018
Ms S GorseHead Teacher
Mrs J ShawClerk to the Governors
Correct at time of print Sept 2017