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Staff List (2017)

HEAD TEACHER            
Ms S Gorse BSc (Manchester), PGCE (Lancaster)
Mrs C E Bach (Curriculum) BSc, PGCE (Leicester)
Mrs U M Hodgson (Pastoral) BA (Open University), PGCE (MMU)
Ms C Baily (Achievement & Progress) BA (University of Wales), PGCE (University of London)
Miss K Leonard (Learning) BSc, PGCE (Liverpool)
Mr P Tiltman (Director of Sixth Form) BA (Cambridge), GRTP (MMU)
Mr J N Bach Lead Analyst. Also Head of Department Science BSc , PGCE (Leicester)
Mrs J Parr Director of School Direct and New Teacher Development. Also Drama BA (Edge Hill), PGCE (Manchester)
Miss N R Parry Pastoral. Also PE BA with QTS (Leeds)
Associate Assistant Head, Pastoral Miss N R Parry (Also PE) BA with QTS (Leeds)
Pastoral Leader Year 7 Miss A Golland (Also English) BA (Hull), PGCE (Leeds)
Behaviour & Engagement Co-ordinator. Pastoral Leader Year 8 Mr R Foy (Also Geography) BA (Staffordshire), PGCE (MMU)
Pastoral Leader Year 9 Mrs L Smith (Also English) BA (Leeds), PGCE (MMU)
Pastoral Leader Year 10 Mr M Sykes (Also Science) BSc, QTS (Edge Hill)
Pastoral Leader Year 11 Mrs R Wright (Also PE/English) BEd, (Bedford)
SENCO Miss S Worswick BA (Huddersfield), PGCE (Edge Hill)
Mr P Tiltman Director of Sixth Form (Also Mathematics) BA (Cambridge), GRTP (MMU)
Miss K E Bali Deputy Director (Also Head of Govt & BA, (Hull), PGCE (Nottingham)
Mr P Rigby Deputy Director (Also Mathematics) BSc, PGCE (Loughborough)
Mrs K Bradley-Law Head of Year 12 (Also English) BA (Belfast), PGCE (Manchester)
Mr C McGowan Head of Year 13 (Also Business Studies) BA (Leeds), PGCE (Manchester)
Miss L Gray Head of Department BA (Blackpool & Fylde), PGCE (Edge Hill)
Ms G L Sabery Second in Department BA (Liverpool), ATC (Brighton)
Mr D M Dacosta Oliveira Head of Graphics BA, PGCE (MMU)
Mr A Crompton Teacher of Art/Graphics BA (Wolverhampton), PGCE (MMU)
Mrs J Kearns Teacher of Art BA, PGCE (Central Lancs)
Mr V Flute Teacher of Economics BA (John Moores), PGCE (Edge Hill)
Mr T Mansfield Teacher of Business & Economics BA (Leicester), PGCE (MMU)
Mr C McGowan Teacher of Business & Economics (Also Head of Year 13) BA (Leeds), PGCE (Manchester)
Miss S Worswick Also SENCO BA (Huddersfield), PGCE (Edge Hill)
Mrs L Haygarth Head of Dance BA, PGCE (Liverpool John Moores)
Mrs S J Murphy Head of Department BA, PGCE (MMU)
Mrs R O Clare Head of Resistant Materials BA, PGCE (Liverpool John Moores)
Mrs C Dower Head of Food BA (Leicester), PGCE (MMU)
Mrs S Parker Teacher of Food Technology BA (Liverpool John Moores), PGCE (Edge Hill)
Ms C Owen Teacher of Resistant Materials BEd (Huddersfield)
Mrs R Reynolds Teacher of Food BA, PGCE (Liverpool, John Moores)
Ms J Bimpson Head of Department BA , PGCE (Liverpool)
Mrs J Parr Associate Assistant Head Teacher ̐ Director of School Direct and New Teacher Development) BA (Edge Hill), PGCE (Manchester)
Miss A Lane Head of Department BA, PGCE (Leeds)
Miss N Cowell Second in Department BA (UCLan), PGCE (Cumbria)
Ms C Baily Teacher of English (Also Asst Head Achievement & Progress) BA (University of Wales), PGCE (University of London)
Mr R Bali Teacher of English KS3 Progress BA (Salford), PGCE (Edge Hill)
Mrs K Bradley-Law Teacher of English; Also Head of Year 12 BA (Belfast), PGCE (Manchester)
Miss C Brindle Teacher of English including SEN BA, PGCE (MMU)
Mr N Camps Teacher of English BA (Salford), MA (Salford), PGCE (Edge Hill)
Ms A R Cook Teacher of English KS5 Co-ordinator BA (Salford), PGCE (MMU)
Miss A Golland Teacher of English (Also Pastoral Leader) BA (Hull), PGCE (Leeds)
Mrs F Grainger Teacher of English BA (Victoria Uni of Manc'r), PCE (Victoria Uni of Manc'r)
Miss U M Hodgson Teacher of English (Also Deputy Head Teacher - Pastoral) BA (Open University), PGCE (MMU)
Mr D Johnson Teacher of English & KS5 Co-ord. BA (Open University), PGCE (MMU)
Mr J Melling Teacher of English (Also Mathematics) BA (Lancaster), PGCE (Rivington School Direct)
Mr S Milligan Teacher of English BA (Edge Hill)
Miss L Murphy Teacher of English BA (Leicester), PGCE (University of Manchester)
Miss L Smith Teacher of English (Also Pastoral Leader) BA, (Leeds), PGCE MMU)
Mrs J L Edge Head of Department (also Head of Humanities) BA, PGCE (St Martins)
Mrs C E Rowbottom Second in Department BA , PGCE (Leeds)
Mrs E Bailey Teacher of Faith & Ethics BA (Bolton), PGCE (Edge Hill)
Mr R Greenhalgh Teacher of Faith & Ethics BA (MMU), PCE (Liverpool Hope University)
Mr C Moorhouse Teacher of Humanities BA (University of Manchester), MA (Bangor University),
PCE (Liverpool Hope University)
Mr C Searle Head of Department BSc, PGCE (MMU)
Mr D Hier Second in Dept. (Also Teacher of History) BSc (Leeds), PGCE (Sheffield Hallam)
Mr R Foy Teacher of Geography (Also Behaviour and Engagement Co-ordinator) BA (Staffordshire), PGCE (MMU)
Miss S Marshall Teacher of Geography BSc (Sheffield), MSc (Sheffield)
Miss C Smith Teacher of Geography & History (Also NQT Co-ordinator) BSc (Aberdeen), PGCE (MMU)
Mr P Koller Head of Department BA, (Manchester), PGCE (Edge Hill)
Mr S Tither Second in Department BA (Lancaster), MA (Cumbria), PGCE (Cumbria)
Mrs K E Bali Head of Government & Politics (Also Deputy Director of Sixth Form BA (Hull), PGCE (Nottingham)
Mrs E Lane Teacher of History BA (Manchester), GRTP (Lancashire)
Mr T Cordwell Teacher of History BA (Lancaster), PGCE (Chester)
Mr D Hier Teacher of History & Second in Geography BSc (Leeds), PGCE (Sheffield Hallam)
Mrs A M Blakeley Head of Department BA, GRTP (MMU)
Miss L Bleasdale Teacher of Computing/ICT BSc (MMU), PGCE (MMU)
Miss E Davison Teacher of Computing/ICT BL (Leeds), PGCE (Edge Hill)
Mr P Myerscough Teacher of PE (Also PE) BA (Edge Hill), PGCE (MMU)
Mr R A D Trethewey Teacher of ICT (Also Timetable, Cover and Curriculum) BSc, PGCE (University College of North Wales)
Mrs S Mansell Head of Department BA (Hull), PGCE (Leeds)
Ms L Inkpen Head of Spanish BA (Sheffield), PGCE (MMU)
Mrs E Lanoe Head of French KS3 Licence DÌ¥Anglais (Universitå_ Paul Valery), PGCE (MMU)
Miss S Jackson Teacher of Languages & Culture BA (Leeds), , PGCE (Manchester)
Mrs J L John Teacher of Languages & Culture BA (Hull), PGCE (St Martins)
Miss E Kipling Teacher of Languages & Culture BA (Manchester), BSc (Open University), PGCE (MMU)
Ms L Mountford Teacher of Languages & Culture BA (Central Lancs), PGCE (MMU)
Ms R Baguley Director of Maths (Maternity Leave) BSc, PGCE (Leeds)
Mr P Sexton Second in Department BSc (Manchester), PGCE (MMU)
Mrs C A Barcham Duties and Educational Visits Co-ordinator BEd (University of Greenwich)
Mrs A R Cordwell Teacher of Mathematics BSc, PGCE (Manchester)
Ms S Gorse Teacher of Mathematics (Also Head Teacher) BSc (Manchester), PGCE (Lancaster)
Mr S Hayhurst Teacher of Mathematics MEng (Bristol), PGCE (Institute of Education)
Mr J Melling Teacher of Mathematics (Also English) BA (Lancaster), PGCE (Rivington School Direct)
Mr I Mohammed Teacher of Mathematics BSc (Bolton), MA (Edge Hill), PGCE (Edge Hill)
Miss A J Jackson Teacher of Mathematics (Also KS5 Co-ordinator) BSc, PGCE (Leeds)
Mr M A Jones Teacher of Mathematics BSc (Teeside), PGCE (St Martins)
Miss R Kinsella Teacher of Mathematics BSc (Manchester), PGCE (Edge Hill)
Miss K Leonard Teacher of Mathematics (Also Assistant Headteacher - Learning) BSc, PGCE (Liverpool)
Mr W Y Liu Teacher of Mathematics (Also Teaching & Learning) BSc (Manchester), PGCE (MMU)
Miss J Pascoe Teacher of Mathematics BEd (Sheffield City Polytechnic)
Mr P Rigby Teacher of Mathematics (Also Deputy Director of Sixth Form) BSc, PGCE (Loughborough)
Miss C L Sinclair Teacher of Mathematics BSc (Newcastle), PGCE (York)
Mr P Tiltman Teacher of Mathematics (Also Director of Sixth Form) BA (Cambridge), GRTP (MMU)
Mrs E Miller Lead Teacher Media BA (Manchester), GRTP (Lancashire)
Mr J M Parkinson Head of Department B.Mus (Hull), MA (York), PGCE (Bretton Hall)
Mr S Shepherd Teacher of Music ( Also Assistant Co-ordinator Schools Direct) BA (Derby), PGCE (MMU)
Mr L Carr Head of Department BSc, PGCE (Edge Hill)
Miss J Brown Teacher of PE BA (Durham), PGCE (Cumbria)
Mr D McElroy Teacher of PE BA, PGCE (MMU)
Mr P Myerscough Teacher of PE (Also ICT) BA (Edge Hill), PGCE (MMU)
Miss N R Parry Teacher of PE (Also Associate Assistant Head Teacher - Pastoral) BA with QTS (Leeds)
Mrs R Wright Teacher of PE (Also Pastoral Leader) BEd, (Bedford)
Miss J Young Teacher of PE BSc (Loughborough), PGCE (Worcester)
Mr J N Bach Head of Department (Also Lead Analyst; Associate Assistant Head Teacher) BSc , PGCE (Leicester)
Ms E Babbs Teacher of Science BSc , PGCE (Manchester)
Mrs C E Bach Teacher of Science (Also Deputy Head Teacher) BSc, PGCE (Leicester)
Mr N V Coleman Teacher of Science BSc (Dundee), PGCE (Liverpool)
Miss R Downing Teacher of Science (Also KS3 Co-ord.) Maternity to Oct 2016 BSc (Leeds), PGCE (Sheffield Hallam)
Miss V P Graham Teacher of Science BSc with QTS (Edge Hill)
Mr E Hewson Teacher of Science BSc (Northumbria), PGCE (MMU)
Mr J Kaniuka Teacher of Science BSc, (Salford), PGCE (MMU)
Mrs A J Kitson Teacher of Science (Also KS5 Co-ord.) BSc, PGCE (Manchester)
Mrs S Kotwal Head of Biology, i/c BTEC BSc, (UCLan)
Dr F Mamedy-Jackson Teacher of Science MA (Manchester), PGCE (MMU)
Miss L Miah Teacher of Science BSc (MMU), PGCE (Lancaster)
Miss L Outterside Teacher of Science BSc (MMU), PGCE (Lancaster)
Miss S Piercy Teacher of Science BSc (Lancaster), PGCE (Manc'r)
Miss H C Rothwell Teacher of Science (Maternity) M.Biochem (Oxford), PGCE (MMU)
Mrs A Singleton Teacher of Science BSc, GRTP (Bolton)
Mr M Smith Head of Chemistry (Also KS4 Co-ord.) BSc (Leeds), PGCE (Newcastle)
Mrs S Soyler Teacher of Science MBA (Salford), PGCE (MMU)
Mr M Sykes Teacher of Science (Also Pastoral Leader) BSc, QTS (Edge Hill)
Miss I Wright Head of Department MA, (St Andrews), PGCE (MMU)
Miss H Howsham Teacher of Social Sciences BSc (Bolton), PGCE (MMU)
Miss V Z Siddall Teacher of Psychology BSc (Bangor), PGCE (Keele)
Learning Support Manager and
SNA Co-ordinator Mrs A Davidson
Asst SNA Co-ordinator Mrs R Gartland
Teaching Assts Level 4: Mrs P Cole
Miss S Kershaw
Teaching Assistants Level 3: Mrs B Crook
Mrs C Difalco
Mrs C Entwistle
Mrs S Lewarne
Teaching Assistants Level 2: Mrs H Ainsworth
Ms L Gerrard
Mr J Hall
Mrs V Halpin
Miss C Harris
Mrs R Merrills
Ms T Newton
Mrs A Symonds
Mr R Counsell
Business Manager Mrs G Burns
Personnel & Support Services Manager Mrs B Makin
Headteacher̥s P.A. also Mrs J Shaw
Clerk to Governors & Leadership Secretary
Reception Services
Supervisor Mrs B Philbin (Also Community/Events)
Mrs W Whipp (Also Attendance/HR/Cover)
Reception Mrs A Taylor
Mrs S Turner
Health Care Assistant Mrs G Curnock
Pastoral Secretary Mrs J Hulme
Attendance Officer Mrs T Hilton (Also Repro.)
Curriculum and 6th Form Support Team
Supervisor Mrs C Feehan
Curriculum Admin. Team Mrs S Gradwell
Mrs L Shelmerdine
Mrs J Thomas (Including Bursary)
Reprographics/Print Unit
Manager Mrs S Wyre
Repro. Team Miss N Ingham
Mrs T Hilton (Also Attendance Officer)
Mrs N Owen
Events Manager Mr S Bennett
Music/Events Technician Mr R Hindle
Events Support Mrs P Cannon
Age Concern Co-ordinator Mrs J Sweetlove
Examinations Manager Mr D Haworth
Senior Finance Officer Ms E Dearnaley
Finance Officer Mrs J Proctor
Finance Officer Miss L Mort
Chartered Librarian & Mrs J Sprawling
Learning Resource Centre Manager
Cover Supervisor Mrs J Matthews
Cover Supervisor Mr D Vitthal
Network Manager Mr T Kwiatkowski
ICT/Data Manager Mr S Buckthorpe
ICT Help Desk Officer Mr J Sech
Senior ICT Technician Mr R Kynoch
Mr G Moore
Curriculum Technicians Mr R Hindle (Music & Events)
Mrs C Holden (Design Technology)
Miss K Ackers (Design Technology)
Mrs J Gibson (Food Technology)
Senior Lab Technician Ms M Hinsby
Lab Technicians: Mrs J Cooper
Miss F Martin
Mrs L Maryon
Mr K Bryce (Apprentice)
Pastoral Manager KS5 Mrs L Cowburn
KS5 Mentors Mr T Berry (Also KS4)
Mrs L Nield (Also Emotional Health & Wellbeing Officer)
Applied Learning/ Post 16 Support Mrs K Hibbert
KS4 Mentors Mrs D J Ault
Mr T Berry (Also KS5)
Pastoral Manager KS3 Mrs D Thompson
KS3 Mentors Mr A King
Mrs D Robinson
Miss S Taylor
Facilities Manager Mr A Morris
Assistant Facilities Manager Mr J Davies
Site Maintenance Officer Mr K Brown
Caretakers Mr B Kelly
Mr D Cass
Grounds Maintenance Mr J Fleetwood
Catering Manager Mr S Tomlinson
Assistant Catering Unit Manager Mrs C Coleman
Cooks Ms J Bowman
Mr C Hadfield
Senior Catering Assistants Ms M Lomax
Mrs A Rowson
Catering Assistants Mrs T Bailey
Miss K Bridge
Mrs K Colderley
Mrs H Drew
Mrs K Eccleshare
Ms T Garuba
Mrs A Matthews
Mrs E May
Ms E McCroray (Also Team Leader SMSA)
Ms J Nuttall
Ms M Roscoe
Ms S Shakespeare
Mrs L Tonge
School Meal Team Leader Mrs E McCroray (Also Catering)
Supervisors (SMSA) Mrs B Barnes
Mrs C Berry
Mrs A Haslam
Mrs C Huxley
Mrs J Kelly
Mrs M Lomax
Mrs G Tumblety
Turton Sports Centre
Community Manager Mr D Overend
Senior Duty Supervisor/Caretaker Mr M Jones
Duty Supervisors Mr M Duckworth
Miss C Lye
Weekend Cleaner Mrs C Fentem
Sixth Form President Gabriel Clark
Sixth Form Vice President Noor Aziz
Sixth Form Vice President Jude Rowley
Head Girl Amy McCroray
Head Boy Danny Lavin
Deputy Head Girls Emma Smith & Elisabeth Evans
Deputy Head Boys Elliot Longworth & George Booth
Governor Representative status Date of termination of office
Mr O Hughes (Chair) Co-opted 31/08/2017
Mrs T Boylin (Vice Chair) Parent 09/11/2018
Mr J Brunt Co-opted 31/08/2017
Mrs P Cannon Co-opted 31/08/2017
Mr L Carr Co-opted 31/08/2017
Miss K Colderley Co-opted 06/12/2019
Mrs S Fletcher Parent 12/10/2016
Mrs M Foley Co-opted 31/08/2017
Ms A Gorse Co-opted 31/08/2017
Cllr D Greenhalgh Co-opted 31/08/2017
Mrs J Harte Co-opted 31/08/2017
Mr M Jones Staff 20/01/2018
Mr D Miller Co-opted 31/08/2017
Mrs A Nash Co-opted 31/08/2017
Mr B Northey Co-opted 31/08/2017
Mr S Oldfield Co-opted 31/08/2017
Mrs D Waddington Co-opted 09/12/2017
Cllr A Wilkinson LA 31/08/2018
Ms S Gorse Head Teacher
Mrs J Shaw Clerk to the Governors