At Turton we focus on the skills that are currently desirable for industry with a course that evolves to meet the needs of the student and potential, future workers in the IT industry.

At Key Stage 3 students develop the skills to use computers for day to day activities, as well as learning how computers work; so preparing students for future careers in computing and ICT. Students gain a firm grasp of the applications software such as Spreadsheets and Databases as well as delving into elements that prepare students for careers that heavily involve computers such as Computer Programming, Animation, Graphics and Networks.

Key stage 3 prepares students for GCSE’s in Computing and ICT.  ICT GCSE is fundamental to all areas of work and the qualification gives students the skills they need for business. All industries now use some of form of computer in their work and this prepares students for the world of work. Computing GCSE is a course for students have a deep interest in how computer work, and it develops skills in programming and logical thought.

Students completing a course in GCSE Computing or ICT can then look to A-Level and refine these skills further. The courses at Key stage 5 are tailored to developing students in the practical skills available for work, aiming to introduce students to the industries that can offer apprenticeships and employment as well as a potential university offering.

Course Contacts

Head of Department: 

A. Blakeley  ( )

Teaching Staff: 

E. Davison  ( )

R. Trethewey  ( )

M. Rifai ( )

J. Pascoe ( )


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Key Stage 4 Curriculum Map

Year 10 (Key Stage 4 Functional Skills)Year 10 (Key Stage GCSE)Year 11 (Key Stage GCSE)
Skills builder - D.T.P, PowerpointTheory Topic 1 - Let's CommunicateCA: Activity 3
Skills Builder - Word, E-mail and internetCA: Activity 1Finish Activity 3 and start Theory Topic 4 - Smart Working
SpreadsheetsActivity 1 Finish off and start Theory Topic 2 - On the Move!Finish Topic 4 and CA Activity 4
DatabaseTheory 2 and Start CA: Activity 2Topic 5 - Shopping Experience
Theory and past papersFinish Activity 2Topic 6 - Lets revise!
ExamTheory Topic 3 - Entertain MeExaminations